Monday, March 31, 2008

this was my heater

My heater had stopped working a few months ago, i had used it every night for about 2 months non stop, i guess after so much use they give out

I didn't want to throw it in the garbage can, i didn't know how to get rid of it, so i put it away in a corner of the room and let it collect dust for a while, finally when i decided to just throw it in with the rest of the trash, i got an idea to take it apart and see what i could build with it

I wanted to make a robot, i knew that. I had sort of an idea of what i wanted to do, but when i opened it, it didn't have as many wires or parts as i had imagined, i slowly took ever piece apart seperated them into piles and looked around to see how i could make something out of this mess.

I found some pieces for the head right away, and i knew the fan part was going to be the upper torso, with the fan as some sort of wings, but the rest was difficult, i wanted to use every single piece the heater had to offer, and the only external things i wanted to use were wires and glue.

It sat around for a day as i kept studying the left over pieces and trying to figure out how to put it together, once i got the base figured out, it all fit together like a puzzle, i finished it in a few hours after that.

now it sits on a shelf collecting dust like it was doing before i took it apart, but now it's a work of art...or so i'd like to think

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