Saturday, September 5, 2009

it's been a while

I've been working on many different subjects!
still enjoying the drawing sessions every Monday and Thursday,
just been too lazy to update this damn thing!

"Are those oranges? I want one!"
oil on cardboard
3 x 7

painted this today en plein air,
made it pretty quick, but not quick enough, i started shortly before sunset and the time caught up to me, things started to change very fast! but i had made a map of color if you will that was enough to use as a basis for what little detail was left.

I enjoyed working with such a small space, it forced me to work in large shapes and not concentrate on details (my weakness)

oil on panel 8 x 10
Wilma! (at her 80's prom)
oil on panel
8 x 10

"the muse"
oil on panel
8 x 10

for these three paintings, i used charcoal drawings i made at the Monday and Thursday night drawing sessions as reference, it was cool working only from shape and value, black and white drawing, i had complete freedom with choosing what color to use, though i did use my memory as to what our model Jennifer was wearing that night.

I liked the freedom, might do many more like this, the style wasn't exactly what i envisioned, but it is very close, not bad for the first, second and third try, i plan to do more.

oil on panel
4 x 6

oil on panel
4 x 6

oil on panel
6 x 8

these last three pieces are from my "Imagination Phase" that hit me a few weeks ago.

i was kind of bored and felt a little lost with the direction i was heading in, so i took a break and did a bunch of doodling while i thought myself to death!

i needed that break, to clear my mind, from a few of the drawings i made during that period i made these paintings, i considered moving towards that direction instead, maybe joining the Pop Surrealism crowd, but after the third painting of the dude with the mustache, i didn't feel it anymore, the block had worked itself out and now i wanted to go back to what i was doing before, so i did.

the first piece, the one titled "Schism" comes from an image i get everytime i hear the song "Schism" by Tool, there's a whole story that takes place when i hear that particular song, and this is a scene from the beginning of the story.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

looking for the heart of saturday night (self-portrait)

"looking for the heart of saturday night (self-portrait)"
charcoal study on newsprint
14 x 17

Friday, June 12, 2009

rubik's cube

Rubik's Cube
Oil on Panel
6 x 8

it is way easier to solve this thing than to paint it!
not so happy with it, the photograph does not do the painting justice,
but something is off, i think i might have to either work on it some more,
or do another

Either way, this is part one of three,
my initial plan was to make 3 paintings,
the first shows the cube unsolved,
the second shows the cube half way done,
and the third shows the cube in it's completed form

drawing session 06.11.09

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

wooden nude

wooden nude
charcoal drawing on newsprint
14 x 17