Monday, March 31, 2008

long beach museum of art

I got a phone call from my friend Tommy, he invited me to check out a painting demonstration featuring Sean Cheetham, Jeremy Lipking and F. Scott Hess

After thinking about it alot, like i always do, i finally decided to go, i figured if i wasn't liking it, i could just leave.
It wasn't bad, when i got there it wasn't crowded, the artists had just started painting, and i was able to walk around and get some pictures, plus i got to hang out with Tommy, who i hadn't seen in like 6 months!
Watching them work was very inspiring, i got to see how they started, what they looked for, and it was 3 different artists using the same model, so it was 3 separate points of view of the same subject, and 3 different styles of painting and techniques
the one thing i kept thinking and i know i wasn't alone, is how slow they were all working, I'm not the best in the world, but they were taking too long!
After a while of sitting out in the sun, more people started showing up, and like i always feel in a huge crowd, i started to get my anxiety feeling, and began feeling very self conscious around all those people, so i asked Tommy if he wanted to check out the inside of the museum
The portraits inside were amazing, they had a special exhibit on portraiture by a ton of current artists including the ones outside painting, i took as many pictures as i could, while i was taking some pictures a woman began talking to me, she had some problems with her camera, and we were talking on how old our cameras feel now, even though they were only a few years old, once her camera began working, we were going to take some pictures but were approached by someone from the museum staff who told us picture taking was not allowed inside, oh well, i had a whole bunch already!
I figured i should leave, i had seen enough for one day, the crowd outside was too much for me to handle, so i said goodbye to Tommy, and took off.
I'm glad i went out and checked it out, it was cool while i was there, i got to see something i would have regretted not seeing, and it wasn't bad.

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