Monday, March 31, 2008


i was tagged!
the tag game had been the craze on YouTube for a while a few months back, i was surprised to find an email from "Tesapie" (as she calls herself) she's one of the many artists whose videos i like to watch.

The rules of the game were to give 5 facts about yourself, then tag 5 people at the end so they could do the same

Coming up with 5 facts about myself was very hard, i couldn't think of that many!
a few came to mind very quick, but other than that i was blank.
I looked around and checked out other people who had done their 5 fact videos already. There were so many, and they all had such interesting facts, i wasn't even half as interesting as these other people were

After thinking about it over and over i came up wit my 5 facts and worked on the video.
The video was fun to make, i hadn't really used my camera like an actual portable camera since i had bought it, and once i started using it, everything fell into place

then came another tough part choosing 5 people to tag. I wanted to tag 5 people who hadn't been tagged before and who i had some sort of interaction with on the site, i didn't want to choose 5 random users! so i looked in my contacts and subscribers pages, and checked out hose who had regular comment interaction with me and the choices were easy from there

overall this was a fun project to work on, i want to thank Tesapie for tagging me, otherwise i would have never done it.

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