Sunday, August 19, 2012

digital painting

"Watching TV"
digital painting, 1024 x 682 pixels
I was never a fan of digital paintings. I always considered them cheating in a way due to the ease of undo, and the virtually unlimited color palette.

I have seen some amazing digital artwork out there, but always in the back of my mind was that thought "yeah, but they're cheating!"

I can now honestly say, don't knock till you've tried it. First off, and one of the most important things that completely turned me around on the matter is the lack of equipment one needs to lug around. All you need is an iphone (as in my case) and a stylus. The stylus helps tremendously.

There is no mess to clean up, no muddy palette colors, no turpentine. No worries on materials at all, leaving the mind free to completely concentrate on the creation process.

And! Using the image above as a sample: I always want to paint night scenes, especially everyday subjects such as watching tv. There is no need for obtrusive lights to illuminate the palette and canvas. It is perfect.

The image above is just a test. I was curious as to how it would work, and having experimented all night with the app. I can say I have changed my opinion on digital paintings.

I plan to use the digital method as a sketch, then use the sketches to create larger paintings in the studio. The idea of offering prints of these images is swimming around in my head, we shall see.

For now, I got a new toy to play with!