Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Weapon of Choice - Oil on 6x8 inch Canvas Paper - Oscar Arroyo #arroyoart

An hmge to my tool of preference for creting art, my trusted palette knife.

This is the primary knife i use to make all of my paintings. It's worn from scraping, and has seen years of paint, but it remains sturdy and reliable to this day.

I abandoned brushes a few years ago, don't get me wrong, i still use them now and then, mainly to cover large areas in washes quickly, but i find myself working very comfortably, much more than i ever felt with brushes, while using palette knives.

I love the result produced, the process involved while working, and the versatility the brush offers.

Now whenever i try to go back to brushes, i feel clumsy, like trying to write with my left hand, the knowledge on how to do it is there, but the result does not translate well.

Here's to many more miles of paint my dear friend.


Been a while

Stating the obvious.

Last time i uploaded something to this blog was n 2012!

I have been active since, blogging directly on my site, interacting through Facebook and Instagram.

Gnna start using this blog more often, it's gone ignore for too long.

now, where were we...