Saturday, September 5, 2009

it's been a while

I've been working on many different subjects!
still enjoying the drawing sessions every Monday and Thursday,
just been too lazy to update this damn thing!

"Are those oranges? I want one!"
oil on cardboard
3 x 7

painted this today en plein air,
made it pretty quick, but not quick enough, i started shortly before sunset and the time caught up to me, things started to change very fast! but i had made a map of color if you will that was enough to use as a basis for what little detail was left.

I enjoyed working with such a small space, it forced me to work in large shapes and not concentrate on details (my weakness)

oil on panel 8 x 10
Wilma! (at her 80's prom)
oil on panel
8 x 10

"the muse"
oil on panel
8 x 10

for these three paintings, i used charcoal drawings i made at the Monday and Thursday night drawing sessions as reference, it was cool working only from shape and value, black and white drawing, i had complete freedom with choosing what color to use, though i did use my memory as to what our model Jennifer was wearing that night.

I liked the freedom, might do many more like this, the style wasn't exactly what i envisioned, but it is very close, not bad for the first, second and third try, i plan to do more.

oil on panel
4 x 6

oil on panel
4 x 6

oil on panel
6 x 8

these last three pieces are from my "Imagination Phase" that hit me a few weeks ago.

i was kind of bored and felt a little lost with the direction i was heading in, so i took a break and did a bunch of doodling while i thought myself to death!

i needed that break, to clear my mind, from a few of the drawings i made during that period i made these paintings, i considered moving towards that direction instead, maybe joining the Pop Surrealism crowd, but after the third painting of the dude with the mustache, i didn't feel it anymore, the block had worked itself out and now i wanted to go back to what i was doing before, so i did.

the first piece, the one titled "Schism" comes from an image i get everytime i hear the song "Schism" by Tool, there's a whole story that takes place when i hear that particular song, and this is a scene from the beginning of the story.