Saturday, October 15, 2011

The House On The Corner
oil on panel
12 x 16

This is the house on the corner. The man that lives here appears to be completely on his own. He's always in his little garage, working on something (though not on this day). The American flag proudly waves above his house. The grass is dry and unkempt, yet glows an incredible golden color, making his house stand out in this, his corner of the universe.

I always see different people talking to him in his garage from time to time while he is working. I always want to stop and have a chat, but never do, I don't know what to say to the guy. Maybe I'll give him this painting, that would be a good conversation starter.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

November Exhibition at José Vera Fine Art & Antiques

these are the paintings I will be showing at the Urban Landscape show at José Vera Fine Art & Antiques during the month of Nevember.

The show runs from Nov 1 thru Nov 29
Opening reception will be held on November 12th, 2011 from 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm during the NELA Art Walk

Jose Vera Fine Arts & Antiques
2012 Colorado Boulevard,
Los Angeles, CA

"Liquor Store Sunset"
Oil on Panel
17 x 20

"Car Wash"
Oil on Panel
18 x 24

Oil on Panel
15 x 20

"The Don't Make Them Like They Used To"
Oil on Panel
12 x 24

Oil on Panel
15 x 20

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fixing The Problem
oil on panel
13 x 15
The San Gabriel River Spreading Grounds is a 3 mile loop around several spreading basins where water form the San Gabriel River is stored for some purpose. On this particular morning i was riding my bike and came to an area where there was some construction going on. One of the channels that delivers the water to these basins overflowed and demolished a part of one trench walls. There was a huge chunk that was simply gone.

City workers were out there with their trucks and machines, getting the problem fixed. There were two workers who appeared to be supervising, while another operated the brightly colored digger, moving dirt around and fixing this trench.

The next day, it looked as if nothing had happened.
Looks like these guys know their stuff.

"A Quiet Night"
oil on panel
15 x 15

One of the many things I love about city nights, is the orange glow everything is cast in. Not everywhere does this luxury happen, only in neighborhoods where these "crime lights" are necessary.

The orange glow of these lights encompasses everything, makes the sky glow a light purple to orange.

This particular scene shows the peaceful setting of my neighborhood at night, once in a while you see someone walking their dog, or out for a bike ride, even the occasional car passing by. Otherwise, it's a quiet night, bathed in orange light.

"In The Alley Behind April Flowers"
oil on board
12 x 24

I was driving around looking for subjects. I saw the garbage bin and it's shadow in the distance, immediately i knew i had to capture it. As i got close to it, the building it was behind of was glowing a bright orange and pink as it cast it's own shadow over the alley. I was hooked, i couldn't believe what i was looking at, it all made such a wonderful scene. It was perfect.

The dumpster was the bait that got me to go towards it, and catch the incredible sight of the alley behind the April Flowers store.