Monday, March 31, 2008

the 40/4 challenge

I received a video from Janeczka that was titled "40/4"
it was a surreal video, with a text over it, it was a poem that was both in english and french, it talked about snow and the night, it was very random and artsy, and cool!
after watching the video, i noticed it said it was a reply to the video "The 40/4 Challenge" by SilentDilemma, i remembered i had seen seen another video with this title the previous week from another user named Nezoone, which was also kind of weird, she was sitting on a park bench, and there was snow all around her, there were words under her on the snow.

I had to see what this was all about, so i checked out SilentDilemma's video called "The 40/4 Challenge" in the description he wrote

"40 seconds. 4 lines. That's all it takes. Just create a 40 second video, with 4 lines of text. It could be anything: poetry, or just some random thoughts. Then post the video as response to this one. I'll create some compilation videos soon!"

so this was what their videos had been about!
At the risk of being unpopular and because it sounded like a good idea, i brought out my camera once again, and put together some sounds i had in my collection and put this creepy 40 second video together

The tough part was coming up with the 4 lines
i wanted to create something that would easily explain how i felt at the moment
i hadn't painted anything for almost 2 months, and felt blocked, the more i thought about creating something the more i didn't do anything, like there was an invisible force stopping me, and i was feeding it more and more with my fear of wanting to create but not knowing what to do, or that i didn't feel like doing it

this project was extremely entertaining and fun to work on, this was a great idea SilentDilemma!
can't wait to see the compilation!

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