Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Bean

the bean oil painting

Oil on Canvas Panel 8 x 10

This piece was done for Karin Jurick's
Different Strokes From Different Folks blog


  1. Hey Oscar, Fantastic you did it! You even put the lines in the dome... I think I'm gonna go buy some oils after seeing yours.

  2. i say you get yourself some oils!

    i like the blending and mixing of colors the most,
    my pallette consists of only 6 colors and I've learned to mix them to get any color i want, this way it keeps sort of a harmony through the entire piece

  3. I still haven't gotten the oils...

    No posts from you lately so you must be working diligently on the NYSE. I just painted my first cat and thought I'd let you be one of the first to know... since you are one of the reasons why I gave it a try. I'll be checking back to see what you do.