Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Memory Full

After several years of picture taking, the 2 GB memory card on my camera is full, forcing me to dump everything on my computer and erase the memory card to start again with full memory

this is every single image (well almost all of them) on the card
i used a picture every 2 frames, which comes out to 15 pictures a second

I imagine that this must be what having your life flash before your eyes must be like...if it was set to "Is There Anybody Out There" by Pink Floyd


  1. Anybody was here! Had to watch it 4 times to take it in. Phenomenal and introspective. 100 Percent Artistic. It’s not easy showing who you are to the world. I like how you set the music to the frames. Interesting animation sequences - Electronic looking Robot, you made that creature? Crazy. I'm usually a scaredy cat at watching videos but I'm glad I did with this. Excellent!

  2. Alice,

    thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it!
    i wonder what it's like for someone who watches the video but doesn't have prior knowledge of the pictures, when i see it it triggers all these memories

    i'd like to say i carefully planned every picture to go with the music, but to be honest i simply set it up with 15 pictures every second in chronological order from august 2004 to september 2008 and put the music over it (the song is what gave me the idea)
    Since it matches so well, i like to think that every picture i took was meant to be taken, i had made the video in my mind years ago, i just didn't know it yet

    The electronic robot was made by me, before it was a robot it was a small electronic heater i had that stoppped working, i was going to toss it in the trash but decided to recycle it and make into to something, the robot is the result of that project, there's a video on that also somewhere on my blog, i think it's called "this was my heater" if you'd like to check it out

    videos can be scary, but there are a lot of videos that are tuly amazing! (my videos included of course) the trick is finding them, but they are out there