Sunday, May 27, 2012

Speed Stick

"Speed Stick"
oil on panel, 8 x 10

this is part of the result of what turned out to be a series instead of a grouped still life painting that was to be titled "The Tools of the Morning Routine".

I made the grouped stil ife painting already, with all the essential necessities for making oneself presentable for the day ahead, but was not satisfied with the result. Something about it bothered me, still does, i kept thinking to myself that this would work better as a series instead of having it grouped (although having the items grouped still feels right at the same time, damn brain, make up your mind!!)

So for now, I will continue with the series, here is the first "Speed Stick", smells good all day, one of my favorite brands (i can see corporate sponsorship in my future!)

I will create a label for it for titled "Tools of the Morning Routing Series" for easier navigation when wantong to find the paintings in the series grouped in one area.

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