Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Most Likely Scenario

most likely scenario

This is another painting I've done for the 2012 Art Show I will be participating in

The idea came from researching the Mayan Calendar and stories from the ancient civilizations that had warnings of the Sun's dangerous cycle, as well as from information gathered from former C.I.A Remote Viewing Master and teacher Major Ed Dames.

Major Ed Dames has been able to remote view a few years in the future and describes this as THE event that will wipe out most of life on this planet, the Major claims the event will be triggered by very powerful gravitational waves that are coming form the center of our galaxy (the Milky Way)
This event appears to take place every several thousand years as the entire Solar System passes through what is called the Galactic Plane, the previous time this happened was right before the start of human civilization as we know it, who had stories and legends of a grand cataclysm that had occurred involving the Sun and an unknown planet that crossed near the Earth causing a great flood and destroying most of the previous civilizations.

Aside form that, i like the idea of this piece, we believe life to be very difficult at times and worry over the most mundane things, when in reality we are nothing but a spec of dust living on a spec of dust that is floating around a giant ball of fire.

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