Friday, February 15, 2008

Make Art

This drawing was made as a response video on YouTube
I had been wondering for a while why YouTube had no "Art" category on their site
there's a category for Pets, Cars, Animation, Film, How-to, Etc.
but no art, why not!

A user by the name of "cheeckychen" had been bothered by it as well, as many users probably were too, and did something about it, he made a video asking for all the artists on YouTube to join in a collaboration to make videos displaying artwork with the words "Make Art" incorporated in it, he's probably planning on putting all these videos together in a massive video and show it to YouTube.

At the moment there is still no "Art" category on the site, but hopefully this collaboration will change their mind

is it wrong for us to ask for an art section?
it would make it much easier for people to find art and artists on YouTube
we shall see

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