Friday, February 15, 2008

the joker

I started this painting at the very end of last year, and finished it within the first week, it took me a while to finish mainly due to my lazyness, i still can't et over being lazy, it's so much easier to just not do anyhting!
I chose the Joker as a subject for two reasons
1. It's a gift for a friend, i was thinkng what i could do for them, i didn't get them a gift for christmas, and wanted to do something, before that i had been strugling a bit to figure out what i could do, and thinking of what the person would like, i remembered the Joker was one of their favorite characters, so i decided to go with it

reason 2. The Joker to me, represents the ultimate drive of human achieveness and awakeness (as i like to call it) Here is someone who is no longer connected to the great hive mentality, they figured it out, sure the Joker is a fictional character, but what it implies is brilliant! He sees that he could truly be whatever he wants to be, it manifests itself in the form of a criminally insane person, who knows that life is nothing but a joke, and a game, not to be taken so seriously, and that in order to be what you want to be in life, you must become it, otherwise it will not be..does that make sense, it does to me...moving on

When i started painting this i began shooting timelapse footage of it through my computer, after a while of painting, it was probably like 45 minutes, i checked to see how the timelapse was going, and it haad stopped on it's own due to lack of space on my computer, it took up so much space!! and i had a bunch of movies taking up hard drive time as well, so instead of going through all the movies and deleteing them and then getting back to the painting, i did nothing for a few days, then began painting but took pictures instead until i finished

Overall, i like this piece, it's my first piece where i didn't use any reference, it came completely from my imagination, and i love it!

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