Saturday, June 30, 2012


Oil on Panel, 5 x 7

Painting comes framed in a custom made colonial style black frame.
Payment options available, email me for more information.
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One day, while walking back from the grocery store, I came across a dead wasp. Having already a mini collection of dead insects to serve as still life models at home, which consist of: a roach, two flies, and an odd looking dragon fly, i knew this little guy was next.

I picked him up very carefully by one of the wings. I wasn't entirely positive that it was actually deceased, or just knocked out, or napping. Caution had to be taken, but it was indeed dead.

Brought it back home and added it to the insect area, where it remained for a few weeks until i finally decided to pay tribute to the life of this creature, by immortalizing it in a painting.

I love the way the wasp looks, it's design sleek and aerodynamic. One key way of seeing it pops in my head every time, this is a soldier. It is designed for stealth and speed. It is camouflaged to blend in to many areas, and deadly when necessary. An extraordinary creation.

One thing that grabs my attention about the way this and other insects are "designed" is their mechanical nature. Observing this creature up close, it is a full on mini machine, it's exoskeleton appears to be an armor, a vehicle that is currently not being operated, and all it requires is for the right spark to turn it back on.

i'm on the look-out for the next insect candidate, but for now i am happy with the way the wasp painting turned out.

Onto the next one.

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