Saturday, September 10, 2011

"This Was Once A Tree"
oil on board
9 x 12

The power went out in my neighborhood the other day. I figured that since all of my electronics that usually serve the purpose of distracting me were now useless, I'd set up my easel outside and paint en plein air.

As a subject, i chose the one responsible for not delivering said electronic devices their power, this giant pole that was once a tree, now burdened with the task helping our power cables make their way around our world, one of thousands, if not millions, that dot our landscape and have become part of the many modern things that we completely ignore.

I drew my composition with raw umber, and begun painting the sky in when i had to somewhere so i couldn't continue. The next night i was looking at the progress I had made, and decided on working on the painting from memory.

It came out great, thanks to my initial lay in during the composition part, i had enough information on the board to be able to comfortably continue with not much of a problem as to the details, the colors i took a liberty with and simply remembered what they looked like. No strenuous thought as to remember the exact colors, i just used the first impression that came to mind.

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