Thursday, September 25, 2008

Miniature, White Pumpkins

Miniature, White Pumpkins

Oil on Panel 6 x 8

This piece was done for Karin Jurick's
Different Strokes From Different Folks blog


  1. Your pumpkins have so much warmth!
    I like the portrait of NINI too.

  2. thank you Alice!

    i put it down as i see it

    I love taking photos of Nini, she seems to pose for me, and appears to enjoy it, i have 2 other cats (crazy cat guy alert) but they are not photogenic at all, so, since Nini poses for me, she deserves all the paintings i can make of her

    i've been checking out your blog and website, you are a very talented and beautiful artist!
    you will certainly be added to my list of artists i keep an eye on day to day

  3. Oscar, you certainly do seem as though you love your 3 cats ... especially NINI. I've been trying to paint a portrait of my own cat but I didn't have the confidence to do it. I found another artist Mark Adams on who also loves to paint his cat JJ. I purchased "JJ with flowers" a few days ago. You may already know of him... he's an amazing painter. He's also a gifted writer, much like yourself.

    His blog is here
    I know you'll enjoy seeing his animal portraits.

    Hope to see you in more DSFDF challenges... this week's photo has been the most difficult and time consuming so far.